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Updated List (stolen from WHAM.COM)

List of Work From Home Jobs (not all links may be current)
Accolade Support
AccuConference Careers
Accurate Background
AccuTran Global
ACD Direct
Admission Consultants
All Type Transcription Services ~
Alpine Access Mechanical Turks ~
American Airlines
American High Tech Transcription ~ 
American High Tech Transcription - Employment
Answer 1 
Communications ~
APAC Customer Services, Inc.
Applied Medical Services ~ 
Medical transcription jobs - Medical billing and coding jobs - Applied Medical Services
Aria Communications
Auto Club Renewals
Background Profiles
Balance Your Books
Bateman & Company Accountants
Bid Ocean
Blake & Blake Genealogists: Finding missing heirs since 1929!
Blue Zebra 
Brandon Hall
Brighten Communications 
Caller Info
Caption Colorado
Castle Branch
Center Watch
Clinical Connection
Creating Careers
Cyber Edit 
Deposition Services
DeRosa Communications ~ 
Work at home opportunity
Dialog One
DNR Group
Do it Yourself Divorce 
Driver Guide
EBI, Inc.
E-Billing Solutions
Entertainment Jobs and Internships
Erie Insurance
eTranscriptions Solutions
Fantastic Transcripts
Google Survey
Greene TeleServices
HSPN Networks
Information Technologies
Inspiration Software
JDS Professional Group
Jet Blue Airways
Jury Insights
Jury Test
Jury Voice
Just Answer
Know Brainers
Lunar Pages
Market Makers Group
Morningside Partners

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Work at Home Job Listings

Last Updated April 21, 2009

I work from home. Because I work from home people usually ask me if I know where they can get a work from home job. About once a month someone wants me to send them a list of companies that hire. That means I have to dig up the list out of my email. I don't like searching for things so I'm putting this information here for all to see. I did not compile this list by myself --I found a lot of it online and have added things here and there. I have not checked this list for accuracy. Please report dead links. If you have something you'd like to add to this list, please let me know.

Without further ado... THE LIST (STOLEN DIRECTLY FROM WAHM.COM USER ECLECTICWAHM who took the old list and cleaned it up to remove all the garbage and dead links.

NEWSpecialty Answering :
Positions: Customer Service, Sales, Technical Support, Help Desk, Call Centers
May work from home after establishing good habits at the office.

1-800-Contacts - Unless noted in the Job Description, only applicants within a 50 mile radius of Draper, UT will be considered for employment.

1-800-FLOWERS – Can be seasonal.  Customer Service, take orders.

24-7 In TouchCall Center

A-1 Signing Services – Mortgage Closing Services

Accolade Support  -  PC Desktop Support Agents

AccuConference  - Outside Sales and Call Center

Accurate Background – Court Researchers and Verification Affiliates

AccuTran Global – Transcription, Translation, Proofreading and Editing, Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation and Administrative Support

ACD DirectCall Center

ACS – Sales and Technical

Advantis  - Call Center Remote Agents

AdviseTech – Part Time Telemarketing and Sales

AffinaCall Center

Alchemic Dream – Custmer Service
All Type Transcription Services  - Transcription

Alpine Access – Customer Service and Sales Mechanical Turks  - Miscellaneous Tasks

American Airlines – Customer Service

American Express  - Customer Serivce

American High Tech Transcription - Transcription

Ansafone – Customer Service, Telemarketing, Team Leads, Quality and Training Officers, Account Executives

Answer 1 Communications – Customer Service, Remote Receptionist Service

APAC Customer Services, Inc. – Customer Serivce

Applied Medical Services – Medical Transcription, Medical Billing, Medical Coding

Aria Communications – Handwritten Direct Mail Service – Training 20 hours on site in MN

Arise – Technical Support, Sales, Customer Service

ARO – Customer Service

Auto Club Renewals – Renewal Specialist, Cold Calling

Background Profiles – Court Researchers

Balance Your Books  - Bookkeepers, CPAs, Outside Sales

Bateman & Company Accountants – Staff Accountants – CPA required

Beyond Marketing – Not currently hiring

Bid Ocean – Internet Researcher (Outside the US and Canada Only), Sales, Server Admin

Blogitive – Paid Blogging

Blue Zebra – Appointment Setting

Brainfuse - Tutoring

Brandon Hall – Analysts, Writers, Researchers

BRG Research Services – Research Associates

Brighten Communications – Outbound Telemarketing

Caption Colorado - Must demonstrate ability to caption real time local news at a rate of 225wpm with an accuracy rating of 98.5%.

Castle Branch – Court Researcher

Center Watch – Clinical Trials

Cherry Lane Print – Educational Authors and Editors (Music)

Clinical Connection – Account Executives, Technical Computer

Conciant – Lifestyle Concierges and Mentors

Concierge At Large - Concierge

Connect2Agent – Telemarketing B2B

Continental Promotion Group – Not currently hiring

Convergys – Home Agents

CourseBridge - Instructors

Creating Careers – Online Tutors – Virtual Call Center

Customer Loyal ConceptsCall Center

Cyber Edit – Freelance Writers

Datavations - Sales – Freelance Writing, Submit Tips

Deposition Services – Legal Transcription – Experience Required

DeRosa Communications – Freelance professionals

Dialog One – Cross Cultural Communications

Disciple's Cross – Home Assembly

Diversified Reporting Services – Field Reporters

DNR Group – Handwriting Services

Do it Yourself Divorce – Document Preparation, Customer Service

Driver Guide – Database Input, Knowledge of PC Hardware and device drivers required

EBI, Inc. – Background Investigations

E-Billing Solutions – Medical Billing. Background check and knowledge of HIPAA required.

EditFast – Proofreaders, Editors, Writers

EduWriters – Freelance Writers – Mock Juror

Erie Insurance - Insurance

Escription  - Transcription

Escriptionist - Transcription

eSylvan – Certified Teachers

eTranscriptions Solutions - Transcription

Fantastic Transcripts - Transcription

ForumBoosting. Com –Paid Forum Posting

Greene TeleServices – B2B Telemarketing

Grindstone – Outbound Cold Calling

Harvey E. Morse – Court Research

Hauser  - Mail Decoy

HSPN Networks – News, Events Correspondents

Information Technologies, Inc. – Court Research, Data Collection

Intrep – Appointment Setting, Sales and Marketing Background B2B

iTelesource – Lead Generation

J.Lodge – Call Center Monitoring. Hires people on SSDI due to physical disabilities

JDS Professional Group – Accounting Firm

Jet Blue Airways – Customer Service

JHTS – Transcription, UK

Jury Insights – Site not updated since 2007

Jury Test – Mock Jurors

Jury Voice – Mock Jurors

Just Answer – Answer Questions

Just In Time Transcription Services - Transcription

Kidspan – Online Tutoring

Know Brainers – Answer Quesitons

LiveOps – Customer Service, Sales, Remote Agent

Lunar Pages  - Customer Service

Market Makers Group – Outbound Calling

MicahTek – Inbound Call Center – Oklahoma only

Morningside Partners - Transcription

MyCEOMoms - Sales – Paid Posting

National Data Retrieval – Court Research

National Telecommuting Institute – Work at Home Jobs for Americans with Disabilities

NATPRO – Telephone Sales

Neal R. Gross & Co. - Transcribers

New – Customer Service

New England Crafters – Home Assembly

Online Verdict – Mock Jurors

OPK Telemarketing Service - Telemarketing

Opuzz – Voiceover Talent

OSI Business Services - Bookkeepers

Outsourcing Solutions Inc. - Transcription
Parameds – Remote Underwriter

PartnerCentric Internet Marketing – Various positions

Playgroups USA – Area Manager - Transcription

Prospect Image – Production Assistant Contractor - Psychics - Psychics

Public Opinion Research – Telephone Interviewers

Recruit Zone – Recruit high school atheletes

RingCentral – Customer Service

Service 800 – Customer Service, Interviews

Smart Office Solutions – Customer Service


SpeakWrite - Transcription

SpectraMedi - Sales

Spheris - Transcription

Suite 101 – Freelance Writing

Sunlark Research – Court Research

t.a.s.c. Business Solutions – Business Development and Outside Sales

TAD Accounting - Bookkeeper

Talk2Rep – Customer Service

TASK Transcription Services - Transcription - Teachers

Team Double-Click – Virtual Assistants

Technology Sales Resource

Telelink – Inbound and Outbound Calling

The Appointment Biz – Appointment Setting

The Cruise Line - Sales

The Natinonal Remember Our Troops Campaign - Telemarketing

The Papillon Agency  - Phone Actresses

The Transcription Agency - Transcription

Transcription 2000 Services - Transcription

Trial Juries – Mock Jurors

Trial Practices, Inc. – Mock Jurors - Tutor

UniversalClass – Online Teachers

US Monitor – Mail Decoy – Website Testers

Verety – Remote Order Specialists

VIPdesk – Customer Service, Concierge

Vitac – Captioners, Production Coordinatiors

Voice123 – Voice Talent

Weblogs, Inc. – Paid to Blog

WebTracer – Online Research

Wordfirm – Editorial Freelancing

WordsRU - Editing

Write-On Results - Writers

XAct TeleSolutionsCall Center

Zap Jury – Mock Jury


Teletech: To apply go to: , choose USA and Work At Home and find the posting for your state. Once you have applied online, send a message to (this will bring your name to the attention of a Recruiter) The open positions are customer service You are a TeleTech@Home employee (not an IC) The pay is $9.25/hour Shifts are fixed and range from 20-30 hours/week (most are closer to 30 hours 7.50/hr phone work, taking reservations for campgrounds, ticketmaster owns them. : 25-30 hrs/per week; $12/hr plus bonuses

Google: $15/hr

My experience: You have to have a credit score of at least 500. They pay .27/min talk time, I think, but you are guaranteed$10/hr; therefore if your .27/min adds up to more than 10/hr, that's what you get, but if it's less, you get $10.

Uhaul: How to apply: Visit ~ Note: Under keywords put in E-Hotline Agent, drop down to Job Catagory and click on customer service, hit Find. Will take you to a list of cities available for these positions hiring but not hourly (send resume to

and to rehash and old list since I'm sure some of these are still good:

Data Entry:
DionData -
AxionData -
Swordsmith (ct only)-
Palm Coast Data (fl only) jobs.html Working Solutions-
Cypher Services- Discount Document Services-
CPG (Scottsdale AZ only)-
Excutive Secretaries-
Cyber Secretaries-
Connect Plus- NetTranscripts - Transcription/Coding:Cyber Secretaries- Ubiqus-
Type Write-
Caption Colorado- Fantastic Transcripts-
Emedia Mills-
Accurate Typing-
Thomas Transcription-
Oracle Transcription-
Health Scribe-
Focus Informatics-
MT jobs-
Fast Charts-

CourtHouse Researching:

Accurate Background:
Digital Brand Expressions:
Information Technologies:
Record Search America
Alderson Reporting:
Blake and Blake
Customer ServiceMCI-
VIP Desk-
Access Ability- Liveops-
Alpine access-
Relocation Central -;%20;%20;%20;%20;pg=1&cy=US&brd=1&q=reloc%20ationcentral&sort=dt
Custome Loyal-
888 Geek help-
Becker and Associates:
Beyond Marketing- ARO-
Outpost (913 or 816 area codes only)-
Time communications-
Willow (fl only)-
Vera Fast-
SalesGreen Telecommunictions-
Beyond Marketing-
Kardel Marketing-
Free Choices-
Baby to Bee
Grindstone Inc:


Audit Watch-
Tad Accounting-
Balance your Books-
AR recovery-
Loan OfficersTri bay-
CFI corp.--
NLP- Amierbanq-


Edit Fast-
Keep it comin -
Cyber Edit-
Tutor America-
Smart Thinking-
Course Bridge-
Suite University-

Other Jobs

Background Profiles-
US monitor-
Prime Mart-
Yahoo Research -
Ads on Wheels-
Freelance Artists- Beauty Care-
FreelanceAf work-
Rent a Coder -
Look Surf-
Freelance Artists-

The work place at home forum has a list too.

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